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We think along different lines with a fresh, modern perspective to increase traffic and conversion rates on a performance basis so you can feel confident that your marketing dollars are being spent as wisely as possible.

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That's why we only have the best and the brightest in the business as part of our team. They're focused on ensuring you get maximum results, fast. We can provide you with impactful, brand apropiate campaigns that have been tested ensuring you enjoy maximum conversion rates. If you're not already working with us, chances are, this is where your future lies.
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Creatively and effectively increase your profitability with dynamic solutions!

Creatively and effectively increase your profitability with dynamic solutions! Beginning with our creation in 2008, UpSurge Media has consistently excelled in the arena of online fixed rate marketing, and as a result, now operates amongst a tight-knit network of advertisers and partners. With our rock-solid background in affiliate marketing, we have been able to refine our business to be the absolute best in connecting our partners and advertisers with incredibly high levels of top-tier website traffic. Our commitment to measurable results, coupled with our modern business outlook, makes UpSurge Media the go-to for high-quality internet marketing on a large scale. Put simply we are the number one source for all of your consumer lead and sales generation.

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